Notes from June Council of Clubs Meeting

Congratulations to the Pacific Beach Democratic Club - Club of the Year

Congratulations to Christie Davis, President of the Pacific Beach Democratic Club @pbdems, and to all the members and officers of the club for sharing with us the great year the club had in 2019. PBDC - presentation slides.

You can also watch Christie’s presentation on our YouTube channel.

Thanks to electeds and candidates:

Clubs Contributing to Candidates

Ryan Hurd, Executive Director SDCDP presented on

  • Volunteer activities through the County Party this summer

  • Options for Clubs that want to support candidates financially

Update for Democratic Clubs - presentation slides

  • Party will provide training on Hustle

  • Campaigns can setup donation pages for specific clubs, to give recognition e.g. for Terra Lawson-Remer contact

Voting at Club Meetings

Clubs can use these methods to hold votes at meetings, without requiring a change to their bylaws:

So far, we have setup accounts for the following clubs:


  • Democratic Club of 92127

  • Democratic Woman’s Club

  • Fallbrook Democratic Club

  • Point Loma Democratic Club

  • San Marcos Democratic Club is freely available to all Democratic Clubs in San Diego County and can be used for Email/Zoom Meeting voting. If you’d like an account please email or message us on Slack or Discourse.

The club sends each member an email with a specific link that allows them to vote, and only vote once. The club can tell if the member has voted, but not how they voted.(Non-anonymized voting is also supported, if required.) supports Ranked Choice Voting reducing the need for multiple rounds of voting, and enables members who can’t attend the meeting to vote ahead of the meeting.

If two or more members share an email address, separate links can be sent for each voting member.

After notice has been given of an endorsement meeting clubs can send out a link to those members who are qualified to vote, based on the club’s bylaws for a member in good standing. The link in the email can enables members to vote either before or during the endorsement meeting.

After voting is closed, the results can be esily downloaded and shared with campaign observers and independent auditors to make sure the ballots are tallied correctly.

Results can be displayed quickly with graphics and percentages clearly displayed. Clubs can also apply their own rules for thresholds and run-offs between the highest vote getters.

The underlying software ( is open source, transparent and publicly accessible.

Next meeting

Peer-to-peer texting, with Katie Meyer, former Area Field Director at Bernie Sanders For President

Zoom Etiquette

  • Mute yourself when not talking

  • Share useful links on the Chat, at the appropriate time

    • You can save all the chat from the ellipsis (three dots) in Chat (if allowed)

  • For dial-ins  *9 to raise hand, *6 to mute/unmute

  • You can raise hand from the Participants List

  • Rename yourself in the Participants List, to include your social media handle (if allowed)

  • Zoom hosts can restrict participants to display only the participants name on the video screen


  • Board of Supervisors to Vote on Lilac Hills

    • Blog post by JP Theberge and Tommy Hough, San Diego County Democrats for Environmental Action 

Thank you all for attending and remember, to quote Frederick Douglass “If There Is No Struggle, There Is No Progress”.

Cheers, John Loughlin

Director of Clubs || (619) 302-4751 |