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Meeting, sharing, presenting and voting are all possible online

Thanks to everyone who caffeinated with us last Saturday. We had a good time talking and swapping notes on how to meet online, while meeting online.

We used Zoom, and we made some notes on what you’ll want to configure when using Zoom for a club, E-Board, (or coffee) meeting.

This Saturday April 4, 10AM, we invite you to join us again for coffeee using Google Hangouts Meet. Just click the meeting link from our registration page.

Zoom offers more features than Google Hangouts Meet, but Google is offering free conferencing for up to 250 users from now until July 1, and is in someways easier to use, so it’s worth testing both.

Over coffee we’ll also talk about voting online. Robert’s Rules of Order prohibits email voting unless specifically called out in your club’s bylaws. But how to change your bylaws if you’re meeting online? We’ll discuss that, as well as various tools clubs are considering for email voting. I can voice our conclusions and recommendations to the E-Board of the Party on April 7, so please join, or email, if you have views on the best path forward.

Hope to see you, online, soon.

John Loughlin|Director of Clubs||(619) 302-4751|

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