Notes from July Council of Clubs Meeting

Katie Meyer's presentation on Organizing During COVID. Club Endorsement process. Resolutions - resolve differing voices. Printing locally.

Thanks to candidates:


  • Ehab Shehata, Resolution to demilitiarize the police to be voted on at the Central Committee meeting on Tuesday, July 21

  • Gregg Robinson, guest Bill Fletcher at the San Diego Labor Democratic Club tomorrow at 2PM talking on “Police Repression, Police Unions, and the Role of the Labor Movement” - Zoom meeting registration

  • Michelle Krug, CDP Regional Director, Region 20, CDP E-Board Friday, July 24, 2020 – Sunday, July 26, 2020. Online registration closes Sunday, July 19, 2020, at Midnight.  All E-Board Members, Standing Committee Members, Observers and Caucus Member MUST register online by July 19, 2020 at midnight. There will not be registration during the actual Virtual Executive Board meeting. Executive Board Members/Standing Committee MembersTo begin registering, please click here.

Program: Organizing During COVID

  • Featured speaker Katie Meyer, former Area Field Director at Bernie Sanders For President, gave a well-received presentation on using modern organizing tools to contact potential voters

  • Slides are available here

  • YouTube video - this link starts at the presentation: 25:05

Club Endorsement Votes at Area Caucus Meetings


  • Resolve the issue before the club

    • Clubs can consider resolutions on local, state and national issues

    • Invite both sides to present their position

    • For speakers on issues, contact Council of Clubs members or Party staff

    • Field questions from supporters and opponents

    • Let the minority be heard

    • Don’t be afraid of confrontation

    • Manage dissent


  • We discussed considering union and local printers for club printing needs. Gregg Robinson encouraged everyone to use union printers, and Temika Cook explained that by contacting Teamsters Local 432 and giving just one employee a union contract small printing companies can join the union.


  • Derek Casady spoke on a proposal to make the San Diego City power utility a public, municipal entity (like Sacramento and Los Angeles) rather than an investor-owned utility like SDG&E, in order to make progress on carbon reductions.

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Next meeting is on Saturday August 15, 2020 at 10AM. Until then please continue all that you do, to make good, necessary trouble.

John Loughlin | Director of Clubs|| (619) 302-4751|